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Monday, September 13, 2010

got the estate house sold!

Phew!  only one pending to go, and it's gone.

The offer we got and settled on had another pending, and that was buyer's inspection.  on a 90 year old house, wouldn't you be sweating blood also?  are they going to make us redo the roof?  the drain stack?  the driveway?  pull up the carpet and staple it back upside-down so the dog can sharpen its claws?

Nope.  we got two things out of inspection.  reroute the outflow pipe from the water heater safety valve, and explain the while marks on the basement floor.  thank you, God!  made a speed run to Fargo on the weekend, fixed the heater, wrote about water and concrete = white spots.

Understand, this was Home for 51 years.  mom always used to say, "If the next folks don't want the garden, they can't have the house."  well, the contract specifically had the "garden" and "landscape" boxes checked, do not mess with them.  there was one rosebush we wanted to liberate and bring to our house, but it's a contract, and that's OK.  we got a few rare wildflowers before the home was shown, as well as a piece of the pioneer peony that came across America in a covered wagon five or so generations ago.  it's growing well.

We have the pictures.

And the memories.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

blew out my ankle, rehabbed my ankle, hit the fair.

darn left ankle turned under, back, and got stepped on hard a week ago Friday, ten steps from the bus stop home.  fortunately, exercise day... the bus came by in 10 minutes, enough time to get off my knees, get to the signpost, and straighten up.  able to get on the bus, grab the disaster emergency Ace bandage out of the exercise bag, and wrap 'er up.

a weekend of ice and compression, a little more work on the s/1, and I was back at work.  even got the state fair in today, good ten miles of walking around.  no pronation, please, but I have the heel and toe plane working fine.