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Thursday, March 10, 2011

the "America is not broke" speech

link is here

just in case they had you fooled.

should you, perhaps, want to support Wisconsin unions....

I have a website for you.  Wisconsin AFSCME is seeking donations.

they cookie you, so the site should know who you are if you go back.  the Workers Rights Emergency Response Fund is dedicated to funding the fight against the despots of what passes for the "GOP" in Wisconsin.  they are also going to have a dog in the race on recall actions.

go for it.  trust Union Family.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wisconsin. The Fourth Reich.

It should fall to Federal and State courts to show the Wisconsin Senate how wrong they were to pull a legislative trick to violate legal negotiated contracts with their employees.

At that time, the state is going to have to close down huge swaths of programs and perhaps a few jails to make up their budgets.  because no Democrat will ever trust the Quislings in that legislature again.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"we said, they said." cheesy Wisconsin excuses.

Herr Walker has released some emails that he says shows he's bending over backwards to make the Madtown 14 happy.

one... that's not what he's ever said publicly.  he's always been "I'm not changing."  which lie are we supposed to believe from this guy?

two... his caucuses in the houses of state government will not support that deal.  they're trumpeting elephants that don't think, just stampede.

three... if he had the magic answers on his desk, and didn't mosey out for the photo-op at the border in Milwaukee to Illinois, shaking hands with the Madtown 14 in the middle of the bridge, he'd lose major face.  the guy was talking as if he wanted to hit the Presidential race for 2012 on the weekend, and he's throwing away a perfect photo-op faster than "crackpipe Charlie" tossed a TV franchise away.

fact is, Herr Walker is just a blowhard who hates people who band together for their rights.  in the end, he's with the billionnaires who don't want anybody beyond the serfs and pool boys they need to keep the plantation spotless.

oh, if only I had a thought on the matter... .

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

On Wisconsin... on your knees, ya bums...

Forbes blogger Rick Ungar proves the drool that passes for policy from Herr Walker is lying nonsense.  Those killer pensions of union workers, bankrupting the poor, innocent state?  Deferred compensation as part of the negotiated pay for the workers.

If you ever sat in on a negotiating session of any kind... school board, local plant, union rep... or read a civics book, you would know that.  There is one pot of money.  The squabbling covers both quantity and labels on this stack, and that stack.

By the way, if you cut 1.2 billion (current story says 1/2 billion directly) dollars out of school funding,  the occasional civics class that is still being given will go away.  How convenient is that for the new plantation masters?

your link, please...

The Madison Journal-Statesman noticed today that Koch Industries has opened up a new lobbying office a block and a half away from the state legislature.  Fancy that.

And the Madison police chief and mayor wants to know which of Herr Walker's aides was in on the plan to disrupt public order hinted at when Wilson told the prank caller from New Jersey that they had thought of putting some troublemakers on the street under false flag.  Cause the cops would like to seriously interview that punk.  Or punks.

Of course, the court ruled the capitol must be open to the public at all hours there is business in there.  Our dictatorial friend had Administration shut the thing down to 'clean up' before the budget address.  I'm sure to rip down all the banners saying, "Welcome to the Plantation, Massa!"

I am reliably informed by an AFSCME official that was in Madtown last week that pizzas were being ordered for the protestors in the capitol over the weekend from as far away as Egypt.

Mideast freedom fighters supporting protestors against new dictatorship in a US state.

Funny how liberty shows up in awkward places, isn't it?

// edit 3/8... fixed name... Walker not Wilson. //