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Thursday, June 28, 2012

DNC allegedly tweeted "Take that, motherf----s!"

somebody was way too wired.  triple-ventis, no, stay away when you have the duty.  do NOT tell the barista to "kick a bucket under it, and fill it up.  extra cream, one pound sugar.  and a brownie, thanks."

that said, 'tis a glorious day for conservatives, as the Supreme Court gives all Americans a tax break.  yeah, you read correctly.  the Affordable Health Care Act (nationalized Romneycare) is a TAX, hisss.  not Congressionally-regulated interstate commerce, as was argued, but a TAX.  the taxation powers of Congress were cited by Chief Justice Roberts as the reason the law is constitutional.

but presently, the IRS requires all employers to tax benefits of employees, including the cost of health care through their policies.  "that's income, son.  we get 20%.  make it happen."

you can't tax a tax, that's double jeopardy, and one reason why there are two pages to the 1040 and an endless supply of optional forms for Stuff you already paid tax on.  to exempt the previous payments from your present accounting.

so those taxes on variously $3000 to $6000 per employee in a corporate health care plan go away.  at least, they'd better, or the IRS is treading in unconstitutional territory.

yes, G-NO!-P, you guys are fighting a TAX CUT!  shut up, sit down, close your folders, next bill.  ya motherf----s.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

stealing from myself, v.347.01B

sometimes I surprise myself with a burst of inanity that I want to keep control of.

when that happens elsewhere, I crib it to here.  dibs!  I wrote it, you read it, I ain't taking it back!  a quick one-liner tossed off on the DIY Network forums when somebody was whining about product placement got my mind running right before bedtime.  and then speculations on broadcaster music collections came along.

in discussion of broadcast music libraries on the Lileks Bleat , I did it again.  excerpted...

... the meter starts running on music licensure on the 8th note and subsequent, although some cases iirc have been won on the rhythmn being lifted whole from previous work.  so all the independent houses doing musical themes and tags for production houses hook you with the music you know for a particular moment... slightly off key or rhythm... for 6 or 7 notes.  then they drift away into "musical stylings," as they were blithly called in the glory days of radio because the band couldn't get it right, and slip the key a little bit.  now it's an original work.
so if I were going to produce "Redneck Renovations," which for some damn silly reason popped into my head almost whole last night while I was trying to sleep, I could not-crib something by whipping out the iPhone, using animoog for the theme with a little triangle and some distorted return on the five keys of 14 they give you per octave, push it to the eMac and make sure it was really not recognizeable, and then all I gotta do is get some folks in hickwear in front of a dilapidated house, and pass the Mason jar while trying to fix things and tear them down instead.  hide the dead dogs under the front porch by rearranging the beer cans. lean against the roof support and fall through it into the hog trough, with the porch roof coming off. pull down the rest by stringing a line through the doors of the pickup, and pulling the windshield out.  24 minutes of that and some knock-off commercials, and it's a perfect shock video to send to one of the networks.
concept (c) 2012 swschrad.

it's been deadly dull around here...

but then again, it's always fairly dull, leading to this being the World's Least-Read Blog (tm).

in our lives of DeBasement, we are putting the oak box trim around the windows and applying the face molding.  half done.

in the great outdoors, I got half of the gardens watered before heading off to work today.

in health and wellness, once I got past the doctor coming after me... WITH A KNIFE!  A KNIFE!!!! the Thing on my arm was benign and is almost fully healed.

at some point in the near future, I need to get the camping crud together and out of the way... and also packed up for an excursion sometime before the snow flies.  it's all three inches deep in sawdust, I am afraid.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Thing is benign

totally.  so says the dermatologist's office.

the hole in my arm is healing well, the last of the gauze pad has long been removed and we're using bandages.

are YOUR Things benign?  yeah, you, the one without the smell of sun block and the hat.  first, you and the significant other get to check each other out for stuff like this

and if anything is squirrelly, call your doctor.  they can get you into a dermatologist via referral faster than you can yourself.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Well, that was dumb of me.

It would appear the handling of long, heavy pieces of oak lumber was not quite what the cautery on my thing excision was meant to stop the bleeding for.  so last night, I found oozing on the tablecloth at supper, and promptly wrapped up the hole in my arm up with a gauze pad and some no-tape tape.

Forgetting to put a gob of Neosporin on the gauze so it didn't glue to the wound.

which has been a source of intermittent skin-pulling discomfort overnight and today.  managed to peel and separate all but one layer of gauze.  greased that up, put on a band-aid, and letting it work.

that does slow down finishing work on DeBasement a bit.  again.  and exercise.  again.

no wonder that's been a 14 going on 15 month project.  but try gutting your basement to the block and redoing it in the 6 months we initially predicted.

if we HAD won a redo on TV, it wouldn't be 6 months with a contractor and thousands in blingo prizes, not with the external and internal issues we found.

Monday, June 4, 2012

"It's probably Basal with a bruise, but..."

So two weeks ago I had a long, long time mole suddenly look like the poster child from (or the dermatology offices' own web site) for a stage 1 melanoma.  called my regular doctor, who quickly got me into the dermatologist.

curiously, in the ensuing two weeks, the Thing devolved into a little semicircle even smaller than the original mole, with some sort of a puncture-appearing thing on it.

so today, the dermatologist pulled out his magic scope, squinted, said if it was anything, it was a basal-cell with a bruise over it.  ah, but I do see some blood vessels..... guess we'll biopsy it.


everybody in the office who's had a nasty sawed off their body said it looked just like a melanoma to them.  so, guess we'll see in a week or so.  curious cloaking trick the thing pulled.

guess I'm officially an Old Fart.  so many of us kids have been cut on in the past decade, and that's before the ozone layer thinned out.

I can heartily recommend something I found in Hawaii and you can find searching on Da Webbiepoo... Ocean Potion SPF 30 sport formula.  it's the real deal, but it's not waxy goo and smells like the islands, not like duPont. blue bottle, orange cap.

everything in the stores here is variations on the same old Coppertone, and I don't like it.  all Coppertone brands, too.