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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

getting dark and tired out there

winter's locking in, raiding the fridge, and watching feelthy pay-per-views while the wife and I are at work.  an unwelcome guest we can't get rid of.

last couple of days were very nice for November.  50ish by day, overnight only 40 last night, 25 the night before.  we might get one great one Saturday yet.

but that's about it.  the garden is cut down, the bulbs are in the basement, have yet to clean gutters, but it's about time.  my car, The Great White Whale, has had a progressing failure to (a) provide heat out of the heater into the interior, and (b) provide any freakin' air out of the ducts period.  I am going to have to blow Saturday diagnosing it.  almost certainly vacuum.  ah, but where?

if it's the vacuum motors, bad news, the entire dash has to come out, they are unreachable behind the dash.  can't be the switch, I've put a manual controller in place of the computerized gollywog one.  found a bevy of leaks in the prime vacuum stuff back by the back of the engine last year, that didn't help.

way I figure, it could be shot vacuum motors.  there appears to be some sort of vacuum regulator between the isolation tank and the heater stuff.  it could also be the isolation tank.  the non-motor stuff can be replaced.  the vacuum motors... hell, you can't even get to the damper doors in these modern cars to wire them open or put throttle cables on there and run 'em manually without ripping off the dash.

so, I have some diagnosing to do.  there is, of course, no information on how the plenum stuff is built on crown vics/grand marquis, so no way of knowing if pulling the radio, drilling a little hole, and jamming a dowel in there is all I need to do.  more likely to ruin the dash than fix something.

Harbor Freight doesn't sell a shop vacuum meter any more.  bought a racer's boost/vacuum gauge, and it's a little bit better fit to the small tubing used in the heater system.  so all I need is warmth, adapters and hose, the gauge, and a little room to drive to chase it down.

hope the issue is one of the several fixable ones.  parts availiability is another question, but plenty of junkyards around.

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