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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

shovelfuls of fluff

little piles, all over, becoming at this moment one big pile of fluff.

the cx7 arc 'n' spark event... we took out the current-limiting transistor with a bang.  replaced it, and put all the +34 supply transistors into sockets while I had the board out.  now we're back to 47 volts raw, but only 10.7 volts regulated, whether or not the foldback transistor is in socket.  can't find the fix.  stinkers.  I'm sore tempted to change the power supply (double-Darlington ending up in a pass transistor) from a resistive divider to a Zener diode regulated reference voltage.  this is why the cx7 got its reputation as a garage queen of a radio, and that power supply board has always been a world-class pain in the ass.

I'm starting to think I need to bid me a HW101 to get excited, get tested back into the amateur radio service, and get wasting electrons.  Heathkits always fix easily for me, and they stay fixed.

crummy weather is escalating into 24+ hours of severe wind chill alert thanks to the weather service.  20 to 35 below with blowing and drifting snow is the start on Tuesday morning.  pffffftt.

went to Fargo (correction, West Fargo now) for delayed holidays with my sister... we picked up blinds and valances for her new apartment.  the valances are on order, so all we could do there was hang their rod.  blinds look good.

we did swing by the old homestead to check it out.  the new owners were comfortably settled in, both cars home.  from the alley, there are two snowmen in the very snowy back yard... one large one, one little one, near the red maple.  their boys have got to be having fun there.  selling it, and to that family, was the Lord's work in a crummy housing environment.

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