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Sunday, February 20, 2011

late storm. should have set an alarm.

we didn't, and on seeing no snow falling, we hustled and got to church right in time.

afterwards, coming home, a pickup in the far left lane sped past us doing better than 60 mph, lost control, slewed around, and hit a car 6 lengths ahead of us right behind the front drivers' wheel.  couple more taps before both ended up on the right shoulder.  barely avoided getting wrapped up in the furball, but able to  brake OK.  pulled well off on the shoulder myself, Cheryl went up to the victim car, and she was disoriented from the crash and bumping off the side window.  sat with her a bit, called her husband, and got her calmed down by the time the state patrol came.

two ambulances arrived after we all pulled up to the next exit and restarted the party at a gas station.  they left empty.  gave our witness reports to the patrolman and left.

a little nap with the cat, and tore into Cheryl's serger machine, which has been grabbing the first thread, apparently the one that does the interlock, and breaking it.  did a cleaning and lube job on the thing, took all the resistance assemblies for the 4 threads out and cleaned 'em good.

the worst part is reassembling the clamshell around the sewing machine works.  geez, that's a nasty job without breaking the alignment pins off.  but it's done.

time to make supper, and then she'll see if it's working or not.  should be quieter, for sure.  there was one little broken piece of metal in the bottom of the machine, but it bears no resemblance to anything in the chassis.  I think it was some older fancy flat needle.

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