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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"we said, they said." cheesy Wisconsin excuses.

Herr Walker has released some emails that he says shows he's bending over backwards to make the Madtown 14 happy.

one... that's not what he's ever said publicly.  he's always been "I'm not changing."  which lie are we supposed to believe from this guy?

two... his caucuses in the houses of state government will not support that deal.  they're trumpeting elephants that don't think, just stampede.

three... if he had the magic answers on his desk, and didn't mosey out for the photo-op at the border in Milwaukee to Illinois, shaking hands with the Madtown 14 in the middle of the bridge, he'd lose major face.  the guy was talking as if he wanted to hit the Presidential race for 2012 on the weekend, and he's throwing away a perfect photo-op faster than "crackpipe Charlie" tossed a TV franchise away.

fact is, Herr Walker is just a blowhard who hates people who band together for their rights.  in the end, he's with the billionnaires who don't want anybody beyond the serfs and pool boys they need to keep the plantation spotless.

oh, if only I had a thought on the matter... .

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