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Monday, May 2, 2011

more de basement

we have gotten into a springlike weather pattern,,, rain and blowy on the weekends, and rain every several days.  so we haven't reconfigured the deck.

but we have the east half of the basement gutted, and the first row of can lights is installed.  rot under the stairs has been cut away, we have two boxes worth of garbage bags full of foam and wallboard ready for clean-up day Saturday.  going to have to rent a truck.  probably have a couple more to get out.  believe we really did caulk up all the serious leaks 3 years ago, but going to take another run at a gutter elbow I just don't trust with some magic mastic in tape form.  cuts for the treads in the stair stringers are pretty wide and sloppy, we're going to have to sister some new 2x6 onto them.  and there is no full header, mega code and safety violation.  need some 2x8 to properly address that.

we're cutting back the side wall  along the stairs about to the second step, and will roll the light switches around that.  the basement is cut in half by a drop for HVAC and plumbing, so there will be a fan on either side.

next week is the killer week to pound on it... expand the window cuts, replace the windows, put up the walls, insulate, fire up the wiring.  well, not really fire it up, but ya know what I mean.  still need to scare up a TVSS outlet... no sense having cords all over the bookcase wall when we can just put in 6 or 7 duplex outlets, all fed with a TVSS surge suppressed outlet.

it's all very de basing.

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