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Thursday, June 9, 2011

gardens, basements, and other things that make me toss and turn all night

garden first, it's fun now.  we've had irises here since we moved in from the previous owners, and added several plants of Mom's the first year.  never a bloom.

this wet year, they're all a-flower now.  Mom's were yellow.  there's one of her blue ones in front.  the surprise was the wimpy, skimpy ones in a raised garden in the back yard grew big and tall, and are all in bloom.  red, white, and blue!  we're pleasantly surprised.

the two 96 and 105 degree days this week dried everything up, we dumped our 6 rain barrels with 240 gallons of rainwater on the gardens.  sprinkled a little more last night.  we're hoping for overnight rain the next two nights; radar is showing most south of us.

have been out of the basement so far this week.. a 3 day weekend coming up, however, that will change.  we have windows and wells in, and the south wall of the media/family/big-ass-open area has been completed.  have some LV wiring conduit yet to put in there, then some duct fixes and survey of the range wiring.  it is skinned long and deeply, and I have to see if it can be safely reinsulated, or if it has to be replaced.  code requires 6-3/WG now, four wires, which means new plug and socket for the range as well if we touch it.

we teased a politician of the "cut cut cut" variety on Tuesday night at a union-arranged town hall with a bunch of "support the (democratic) governor" sort of questions.  good clean fun for all, and everybody behaved.  I left my wish list of questions for the Pee Tarties types at home.  we're trying to avoid a shutdown here, why be antagonistic, just keep reminding folks how narrow their election wins were.

you know, things like, "Can we tie you under the arms and drag you behind the truck now?"  "May we feed your fingers to the Wolverines? (c) NBC"

not the meeting for that.  hoping we can keep that in reserve for November, 2012.

had a CAT scan today, the ENT wanted to see how the sinuses and septums and all that stuff were doing after a month of eating horse pills for a sinus infection.  it arose because I was gobbling and snoring under the CPAP.  wasn't worried, you know, do what's gotta be done... but it was a break from routine.

either the reception staff has taken lessons, or they really have NOT heard the old line, "yes, here for the 9:15 with Dr. Soandso, and my scan.  Oh, wait... I forgot my cat."   anyway, no issues, the machine did NOT print a blank page of paper representing the inside of my head, but tomography, and I politely mewed once on the way out, my inner kitty having been released.

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