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Thursday, September 8, 2011

new computer at work, redoing basement bathroom

and we got a cite from the city for our bags 'o' evil from gutting the basement... clean it up by the 16th.  called the community service officer who issued the citation, told him we wouldn't have started if there wasn't a clean-up day october 8th... and we're OK to haul the creepy crud to the city garage on the 8th.

we're mudding the basement shower at this point.  tonight, liner and mortar coat, then finish studding out bulkheads in the basement ceiling around pipes and such.  the old ones were a freakin' interconnected hodgepodge.

just had my pre-surgical physical for the knee job, and we're good to go.  hooked me up to the 14-lead EKG, and a twisted-sounding voice from nowhere said, "Master, IT'S ALIIIVVVEEEE!"  must be all the bruises I've got from the basement confused the muses.

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