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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

a happy Thanksgiving to all

assuming anybody reads this rabid screed ;)  that's OK, it doesn't take long to write, because nothing happens around here :-D

round 2 on Cheryl's tooth this Wednesday.  we'll do what we gotta do on two fronts... (1) 20-pound turkey and assorted good Stuff.  (2)  Shawn and I have to put a larger door on DeBasement bedroom before his self-purchased furniture arrives Friday or Saturday.

sometime before we all die, or Christmas comes, whichever is first... I also have the yard decorations, recently-delivered balsam garland and festive Cross to implant, and inside decorating to do.  it would also be really fine if I got the space heater cleaned up, the wick trimmed, and get that sooty mess back in the ham shack.  burned out the old fuel and wick last weekend, and the heater is a mess.  this is supposed to happen several times a heating season if you use it frequently.  thank goodness I don't.  but the old fuel attracts moisture, and it was not burning really well end of last season.

you can run up $50 in electric bills using the 3Kw heater in there every month, so the little heater has been great.  very little sooty guck built up behind and under the parts bins.  it would be nice to have a wood or vented oil heater in there, but man, the initial cost is not positive to go there.  all the old potbellied stoves I had a chance at when I was growing up, sigh.  stovepipe is cheap.  stoves are not.

for the unchurched who do not read this rabid screed:  we are now in what church calendars call the Advent season.  Advent is the run-up to the birth of Christ, long fortold as God's train pass to sinners who want out of the slide to hellfire and death.  it's a really good time to think about John 3:16... For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.

that's it.  the one absolute definining sentence of the Christian faith.  all the rest of the bible is really ya, sure, ya betcha then.  Sven, in the details and proofs.

is that really so hard to get into?

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