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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

sigh, back to cardiac rehab

it was a good 11 years, but on Sunday I had some recurrent and gradually increasing angina pain.  several mild episodes over the past month had me in contact with my cardiologist, and after an office visit, he said it was a toss-up.. no audible issues, good shape... set up an angiogram now, or be watchful, and in any case, come back in 6 months.

we decided to take the watchful route.  had exercise resistance on the elliptical machine after 5 minutes (which I ride sorta hard,) but fine on all the presses and lunges and rower (which I have been slacking on.)  last Friday, had another Pain Level One walking the mile to the bus after work, and told the wife it was time to make that appointment.

well, the appointment made me.

a little sore after church, faded after lunch.  took a nitro regardless.  went to Menards for some skirt board and patterned crown molding for DeBasement finishing touches, and walking back to millwork in that medium-sized store, had a #2 level come on.  sat down for a few minutes, got to the car, decided we'll not go to the superstore nearer home than church, but get the antihistimine I was out of, and go home.

decided after getting back to the car and having further pain that I was going to hand the keys to Cheryl and have her drive me into the ER at United.

peaked at a #4 on the way in before another nitro and an aspirin took hold.

with the electronic charting across Allina Health, they pulled me up, saw the last month, and immediately put me in a room, on an EKG, and admitted to the cardiac unit within 20 minutes.

diagnosis:  unstabile angina with a mild heart attack.  treatment:  angiogram.  result:  95 percent blockage in the LAD artery and one eluting stent put in.  everything else that was a problem in the past is flowing clean and clear as a trout stream in the spring.

not bad for 11 years.  probably had some intermittent hanging crud off the end of a plaque, so back on the super-aspirin, too.


delay of a few more days getting a power supply built for the HW-100 and getting on the air for the first time in 40 years as a ham.  that's OK.  all the hard work is really done anyway, all I have to do is drill in the circuit boards and interconnect stuff.  but it's 20 pounds, and I'm not lifting and turning that thing during my "watch-it!!" period.


commercial:  praise the Lord, for His mercy and love is sustaining while His hand guides the professionals who executes His miracles.  don't like it, stop reading this blog.  as if anybody does.  like it, make sure you examine your relationship with God.  all who ask, receive what they need.  if you need help doing that, check here for a field office near you ;)

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