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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Harpooning the Whale

Aye, mateys, 'tis a difficult thing to get to the White Whale.  'Tis even tougher to bring 'im in.

The Great American Story is trying to get to failed parts on cars.  If you can reach 'em, you can replace 'em.

at this point, I have everything taken apart on the dashboard of The Great White Whale to take it out, except the wiring harnesses to the engine compartment.  there is enough slack there to pull the dash out half a foot and replace the darned heat control motor that is failed out.

but Captain, she will not rrrelease.

it would appear that a stud through the chassis has a shoulder next to the A pillar too wide to come out of the dash slot, and initial assembly cranked it over there so tight it's practically swaged onto the stud.  seeking help from the Edmunds forums.

meanwhile, down to one car.

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