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Thursday, August 29, 2013

In fact, the hamshack is top priority now

More or less.  I have got a workbench shelf for the test equipment built, and loaded up.  Except for my variable power supply, which had a number of, ahhh, ill-advised interconnects in it.

So I'm ramping up.  Bent two chassis and whistled up the large parts I don't have, will build two identical separate units.  Amping up to both current and voltage regulation, 4 amps continuous, should be able to dial in anything up to 30 volts when done.  I have a slew of 2a identical transformers, and so will parallel them through small-value dropping resistors, just like you parallel power transistors.  Yeah, identical transformers can be put in parallel without large circulating currents, yeah yeah yo'momma.  Who was watching the folks on whatever island was above water 20 years ago when they made the transformers for Radio Shack for QC?  So I'm going to do a little protective designing this time.

Biggest issue I had was a common ground between positive and negative supplies, and they went all kiddywompus when I put a load on them.  Separate supplies with no case ground on output unless you strap it down ought to take care of that one.  Got meters to rescale, and all that stuff, so we're just building two supplies out of the old NatSemi linear databook.

Next, I have some old 78s of family history that I have to push into the shack computer and get on CD before everybody dies out.

Trying to get the place sorted out before it gets too cold.  Oh, and there's some rot on the North wall at the bottom outside from yet another build flaw by the previous owner.  This I'm going to cut out and Bondo, because there are roof soffits and stuff built over the north/south walls.

No end of projects anywhere, including the Ham Cave.

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