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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I have to paint my ants. perhaps tomorow.

don't you paint your ants regularly?

OK, I'll explain.  we have a neighbor moving out of her home, and helped sort and pack stuff last weekend.  along the way, stuff she doesn't need, can't take, doesn't want, etc. got cleaned out of places like sheds.  we ended up with a weed whacker, some flowerpots, base for a chimenea, and some iron decorative baskets and pieces.  two of them are welding-shop steel ants, about a foot long.

primed all the iron stuff sunday in between other tasks.  we figure on painting one ant red, the other black.  they're going in/on/near the garden, and I haven't decided yet, but figure the red and on the ground, and will probably tack the black ant crawling up a deck post towards the table using some fence staples.

gardens can be fun.

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