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Sunday, August 22, 2010

not bad for a lazy weekend.

got the ants painted, they are in the garden and on the deck now.

been working on the s/1 also.  that was a very sick radio when I got it off eBay, have fully recapped it, replaced about 8 transistors and a dozen diodes, a tubload of out of spec resistors in the RF deck, new output tube, new transformer, done most of the Kollar modifications, and have replaced all the diode-switched flea pins with a barrier block for easier connection.

tonight I found I had the AC line ground at the Cinch connector hooked up to the wrong pin.  that could have been ugly.  got that straightened out now.

we're getting real close... it's about time to finish looking up the transformer leads and get the manual annotated on where they connect... and then start checking the voltages, low first.  not going to hook up the screen and plate supplies until I have a fused crowbar built for the counter/keyer section.  a lot of  expensive ugly in the counter board, enough so I shotgunned out all the TTL logic, put in sockets, and fixed a lot of burned-off traces.  don't want 1600 volts going where it doesn't belong again.

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