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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

creepy blown knee

well, I'm not leaving a trail of metal shavings, springs, and wires behind me... but my right knee swelled and seized up again for the second time since snow melt this year.  doctor has me scheduled for an MRI next Monday.

meantime, I'm getting value from the crutches I got the first time, and didn't need after the second night.


we're making good progress on the HW-100 rebuild... don't have a power supply up yet, and had to order some 20 gauge wire to make the umbilical cable from, but found a screaming shitload of dead and out of tolerance resistors, replaced same.  in a couple cases, had to massively uprate or do a parallel combo to meet the spec.  ordered, and binned today, those common values and ratings that I didn't have.  replacement electrolytics are in.  creepy ugly IEC/Elmenco/Mullard tubes, mostly 6EA8s, are replaced with NOS from eBaying.  rest of the tubes are good.  have the controls cleaned up.

so we're getting fairly close to the smoke test... how much, and what color.  checked the signal monitor scope I got a couple years ago, and that has all sorts of ugly inside, have replacement caps on the way for that.  and a couple of next-to-impossible to get compactron tubes.

probably have sanding on the basement to do this weekend, and we have water in old carpet and sheetrock we need to replace in the basement from overflow of the a/c coil's drain pan.  weasels installed that with a iron elbow next to the pan which is probably not going to come off, so poking the drain clean might be intriguing.

never a dull day at Chez Swschrad.  dull folks, perhaps, but never a dull day.

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