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Monday, August 22, 2011

the old garage door tried to kill me!

ahh, but that's been tried before, 5 times at least, and failed.  booyah!

actually, what happened was I was trying to get a locknut off a track of the old one, and it snapped the drill around hard, the torque whacking my left hand square on the back with the battery.  after which, grip lost, the drill started tumbling down.  managed to direct it onto some sacks of lawn fertilizer, saving the $180 drill.  hand is still quite swollen two days later, but it's working.  yesterday it was a red as Kremlin Square on May Day used to be.

the new door is up, the new opener is installed, and we have moved the crap back into the garage.  had to haul 35 sheets of drywall into the back entry.  good place for it.  glad it's out of the garage.

tonight we hit a 48 hour sale at OfficeMax, and Cheryl finally has a laptop.  acer core processor 2 GHz, wide screen, HDMI out and all the media wonders of WinSlows 7.  running recovery backup generator right now, before DeCrapifying the computer.  and that's probably going to be it for tonight.

update:  first of 3 recovery disks failed verify.  hope this doesn't need DVD +, as a Mac house, all we have are DVD -.

still going to see the orthopedic surgeon Wednesday for my knee, although I can take a flight of stairs OK today.

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