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Thursday, October 27, 2011

the Home Despot had the offset toilet flange

may not get to it this weekend, but it's ready.  we also got more tile, white, for the ceiling of DeBasement shower.  even if I have to do OT on Saturday, we're tiling that motha.

also Cheryl got the base molding stained and varnished, so that's up for the weekend.  I have everything else except doors in the basement bedroom.  looks like we're going to have to cut down every freakin' new door on the existing openings, dangit.  we knew four would have to be cut 3 inches around openings under the hvac bulkhead.  cut those 3 inches.  everything else except the new opening I built under the stairs needs to be cut 1 inch.

man, there was a lot of slop done in the basement.  everything is spot-on in the original construction upstairs.  and then it looks like they let the journeymens' kids finish it up on the weekend.

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