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Saturday, October 22, 2011

oh, for a toilet flange

to be precise, a 3-inch offset closet flange in ABS.  save a LOT of floor breaking and pipe work in DeBasement.  got a couple other places to look before giving up with a sigh, and planning to break out twice as much floor concrete.

light week, in fact, we didn't get down there.  we're bedraggled with colds, it would appear.  have some mudding for this weekend to do, I have some light wiring and removal of a media cabinet in the main section so we can replace a little more sheetrock.  carpet for the bedroom is going in Tuesday afternoon (hey, I feel a song coming on!...) and then son #3 can start cleaning his crud and moving it in.  anything stinky or dusty will have to be remedied before going in there.

then my next big plan is getting the 15-foot 2x6s trimmed up and under the stairs for reinforcement, and building a proper header for the staircase to the joists.  things that the original builder fudged on.  will have to sacrifice one tread to get the stringer bracing in, I'm afraid.

at that point, we can get back to kicking and taking in the main room, while sanding and painting the bath.  tile, in-floor heat, floor base, tile, and vanity construction next.  then we can install the new shutoffs and the fixtures.  voila!

there is also a little matter of getting the junk dirt piles up from the egress window jobs and in the Bagster, and get this crap out of here by the first freezing precip.  and the gardens covered and the crocuses planted.

never enough time.

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