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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I'm really feeling much better... .

stress test results are in.  see the doctor next year, if you're not hurting, we're not entering.

so I should be off the cart for a while.

workout-stiff and shoulder-sore from work, I'm thinking I don't have a safe place to put the trackball, and straining the ol' strongarm.  nothing new there, either.

Cheryl and I have both been unusually tired the past few weeks, probably part of The Crud that is going around.  only one thing to do, and that's sleep it off.

we don't yet have any special plans for the holidays, which is good, because we still have some DeBasement left for us.  evening and morning services, fix another turkey, burp and roll around for a few hours and conk out.  yeah, we ARE two WILD AND CRAZY PARTY TYPES!!


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