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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hola, amigos

ain't had much time to rap at 'cha lately...

oh, wait, I just feel like I've been rolled up in The Onion and left by a nasty plate in a buffet.

it's been a slow week up here, Cheryl and I are all tired out.  still got the chest cold.  so there hasn't been much of an upchuck on how life in DeBasement is going.

we gutted the last stinky closet Christmas Eve, rocked out the closets Christmas Day.  taped during the week, painted and put up shelving New Years Eve.  got the doors ondownstairs.

as of a week ago, the cabinet bottoms are all cut out, but not assembled.  basement is fully painted, lit, the fans are up, the light boots are on the can lights, all the outlet plates are on except for the media stuff.   the initial stall down there a week ago was from the 60s sander coming in with 40 grit on it.  Sunday I finally got some other sandpaper and the newer sanders downstairs.  and then Eric came over to scavenge some wiring stuff for his garage project, and one thing leads to another, and phooey.

he's got 22 light fixtures up in the 2+1 stall garage.  (snif) I've only got 8.  and about 8 big 100-watt equivalent CFLs on the main garage light switch.

I tell ya, it ain't fair!  I have more stand tools!  I need more lights!  WAAAAAAA!!!!!


stuck working first Saturday in February because I picked it in early December for the "weekend of the quarter" requirement.  so that means I can't take the ham tests in February.  oh, well, more study time.  get a couple weekends in on DeBasement, and really, the rest down there for a week or two is staining and varnishing by Cheryl, and then a long day of trim work.  so I will get the studying in, and get the fake HP-23A power supply clone built for my heathkit.  it's going to work out in the end.

coming up, two days of below zero lows.  a taste of winter.

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