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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

pave Moneyapolis, put up a parking lot. and a roof. and some grass.

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heh, stadium fail.  appears the Geniuses (tm) involved in stadium location are looking to bulldoze the Intertubes House of Wires...   511 11th avenue south... suspiciously next to the HumpDump.  ((limited number of clicks monthly, or subscribe))

it's an old high-tech business incubator that housed MN.Net back in the late 80s and early 90s, when the U of Minnesota Supercomputer Center across the street got on the 56K Connected Internet and graciously permitted other important colleges and businesses to share its vast connectivity.  it's now chock-full of ISPs and there are millions of dollars worth of fiber going in there that would have to be relocated.  every carrier represented.  I was a tech rep for St. Kate's when The Connected Internet went to a whopping 1.048 megabit coast to coast and one of those who voted to open the Internet to commercial endeavors.

this is getting really strange.  the age of The Big Cigars is long over in Moneyapolis, but there are still sneaky political fixers who tilt the mirrors and redirect the smoke and change the landscape behind the scenes without long meetings at the Minnesota Club or suppers at Manny's.

apparently the lofty digs and spacious parking lots of the Strib, almost bought 6 years ago until the real estate markets caught their first cold of 2007/2008 are not lofty and spacious enough for a modern stadium.

why not bulldoze the whole dayamn thing down through HCMC and Abbot Northwestern hospitals, and over to the Crystal Courts of the IDS Tower?

these Moneyapolis boys are mad, MAD, I tell you.  put the darn stadium in Arden Hills and be done with it.  that's where the Howling Wilves want it anyway.  and there's getting to be no practical cost difference between the many and shifting Minneapolis sites and Arden.
Arden Hills or LA, baby, stand up for Arden and the Vikings!

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