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Monday, July 2, 2012

Mystery of The Thing solved!

reading down a month (assuming anybody ever has/will read this mess) you will see the first references to The Thing that the doctor removed, and was benign, but which looked like menanoma.

He came after me with a knfe!  A KNIFE!!!

since then, I have occasionally noticed several other wonderfully round, full-bodied bruises about a half-inch in diameter, which fade out in a week or two.  a mystery indeed.

and I now have the answer.  after the last heart attack, they put me on the new (read: expensive) antiplatelet medicine prasrugel (Effient, or as I call it, 'Effing-ient.)  that and a baby aspirin take me to the edge of looking like I got mugged if I sleep on my arm overnight.

that and a mild squeeze from the killer-clawed cat yield little bleeders that very slowly leak for half a day.

followed in a couple days by the mystery bruises.  I'm being mugged by a zoned-out lovecat.

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