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Thursday, June 28, 2012

DNC allegedly tweeted "Take that, motherf----s!"

somebody was way too wired.  triple-ventis, no, stay away when you have the duty.  do NOT tell the barista to "kick a bucket under it, and fill it up.  extra cream, one pound sugar.  and a brownie, thanks."

that said, 'tis a glorious day for conservatives, as the Supreme Court gives all Americans a tax break.  yeah, you read correctly.  the Affordable Health Care Act (nationalized Romneycare) is a TAX, hisss.  not Congressionally-regulated interstate commerce, as was argued, but a TAX.  the taxation powers of Congress were cited by Chief Justice Roberts as the reason the law is constitutional.

but presently, the IRS requires all employers to tax benefits of employees, including the cost of health care through their policies.  "that's income, son.  we get 20%.  make it happen."

you can't tax a tax, that's double jeopardy, and one reason why there are two pages to the 1040 and an endless supply of optional forms for Stuff you already paid tax on.  to exempt the previous payments from your present accounting.

so those taxes on variously $3000 to $6000 per employee in a corporate health care plan go away.  at least, they'd better, or the IRS is treading in unconstitutional territory.

yes, G-NO!-P, you guys are fighting a TAX CUT!  shut up, sit down, close your folders, next bill.  ya motherf----s.

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