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Friday, August 10, 2012

back in a tent at 59 years

had to take Mom's ashes up to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and scatter them furtively, lest some ranger chain me to a truck and clear a path with my face.  might scratch my glasses.  so the wife and I loaded up my old camp gear, and a few new budget items to round out the kit, and up Detour Lane to the wilderness.

most of the flood damage to roads and utilities around Duluth was either fixed or patched around... but 61 north was a whole bunch of one-lane for blacktop sealcoating.

it turns out that I can't read bed sizes using the common industry terms, and for the Gunflint Trail side of the adventure, we were sharing a single-size air mattress.  ouch.  nice time, for the first two days... the second two were drizzlefest.

drove down, and cut over on state 1 to Ely for the Blueberry Festival, and the 23 mile detour seemed like a million.  got into town, puzzled over maps, and drove back beyond the "detour now, dammit" signage four miles to get to the dirt roads to our campsite.  we had picked up the right air mattress in Grand Marais at Joynes', which is as close to a full service General Store as you'll ever find.

two good days, and we found a nice upholstered bench at the Festival for the landing of the stairs into DeBasement.  barely got it into the car.

not too sore afterwards, but there are a few things we're not doing again if we get back under a tent.

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