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Friday, April 22, 2011

de basement

rain, working OT saturday, and of course Easter sunday services.  rejiggering decks is not a go this weekend.  we went out and spent $230 on can lights, wire, and sundries.  for the next week perhaps, I will instead get rid of the sad surface-mount lights in the basement and install about a dozen can lights, as well as two fan-mount kits.

being a basement, the fan branch circuit will have its own switch, so we can run them at low speed often and reduce disgusting air effects.

get it all done and then cut into the switches to minimize the power-down time.

starting saturday night by measuring and snapping chalklines.  last time I did can lights, I didn't get them nicely in line.  that won't happen again.  I also have to gin one up and find the coverage area of the setup so I don't foul up and get spotlight effects.  yes, we did buy flood bulbs... curly bulbs in a flood lamp housing.

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