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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

don't forget to Tax the Rich

they're the only ones who have anything left.

there is a plethora of knife-to-the-throat nonsense among politicians of the right wing going on now, states and Federal both, that there are going to be random, deep, and vicious cuts in any program that does not impact the billionnaires.  oh, and additional tax cuts for them, too.

what a bunch of bull.  the paid-fors are pushing for total capitulation.

they just about cut off the soldiers overseas, among others, demanding basically an end to the 20th century nationally.  and now they're raising the whine again for the FY2012 budget.

just like the Taliban, except they aren't trying to go back to the 7th Century.  they just want to go back to the 1800s, when periodic financial panics kept everybody except far-hidden frontiersmen and the rich in their enclaves in wage slavery.

poll after poll says 60% prefer sharply targeted reconfigurations of budgets and taxes for those who can pay.

here's the bottom line:  get knotted.  you've pushed too far.  it's backfired, and you're going to find it out, tea party fans.

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