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Saturday, April 16, 2011

we're hot to redo the basement

musty late 70s orange shag and barn-ish panelling, no egress windows, you know the score.  Cheryl is getting really ready to get on that, so we hit the Habitat Re-Store today to see if there was anything cheaper than we'd been finding in the big box stores.

not for the size job we have.  but I did find a strange thing... a partial 500 foot spool of Belden test lead wire from the 50s or 60s (by the graphics on the reel.)  that stuff is good for 5000 volts.  five bucks.  grabbed it.

we have already bought closeout tile from the Depot for the oversize shower we're going to build in the bathroom... it's about the size of an LA Fitness shower stall... including a glass tile accent strip.  but didn't have any tile for the shower floor.  checked out the other two fine home improvement retailers, and found some nice 2x2 noce tile mats at Menards.  since we got fixtures a couple years ago, we're moving along.

best deal on access windows so far is $199 at the Depot, but the Nard has some casements going on sale tomorrow.  if one of the 3 sizes is legal for egress, that's the ticket.

IMPHO it's too cold to dig yet.  we will have to deal with the lower deck and stairs from the upper one, so this will be a weekend of itself to clear those issues and prep for the egress.

egress windows have to be in to be able to get creepy panelling out and new sheetrock and wood in.

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