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Thursday, April 12, 2012


-- almost got the clone HP-23A power supply done for the Heathkit HW-100, hope to get on the air soon.

-- found the missing link (I hope) to getting 38 volts out of an LM317 regulator with the Elektor app on the iPhone, almost got to prototyping it last night, but I had to almost finish the power supply.

-- almost got some speaker brackets for DeBasement media system, but had to order them.  nobody stocks anything that will hold up REAL speakers with REAL response and REAL magnet assemblies, made with REAL wood and having REAL volume, any more.

-- almost out of eye meds, so hopefully I'm almost cured of an infection I didn't really know about in the site of my cataract removal 1-1/2 years ago.

-- almost blew lunch last night, felt really sick sometime about 3 am.  it's gone now.  apparently there's some stuff going around, again.  perhaps it's the antivirals that kept me from almost falling over with the flu.

-- almost tricked somebody into reading this fearful screed.

-- got my new rail and stile bits for routing out door pieces today, almost took 'em out to the garage.  but I will have to buzz 60 or so board feet of oak this weekend.

-- almost got into the DeBasement bathroom vanity job... it still needs figuring the arrangement of doors and drawers out, drawing, cutting, and building the face frame.  once that's done, and Cheryl can get the final paint coat on, I hope to almost get the bathroom ready by next weekend.  an old college buddy is staying a night or two between a conference and a fishing trip to the cold, clear streams flowing into Lake Superior.

-- almost done with this wri

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