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Thursday, April 19, 2012

NostrilDrippus Predicts! (tm) the Vikings schedule

the planets are aligned with the stars, and a stream of consciousness has arrived to jolt famed prognosticator NostrilDrippus Predicts! (tm) to the pen.

or was it a carload of cops?

Predicts! ::=  There will be no stadium bill.

Predicts! ::=  Ain't gonna be a special session, either.

Predicts! ::= Because between May 12 and July 4, the Howling Wilves will hold a news conference with various well-heeled family businessmen primarily conducting business as Anchutz Entertainment Group to announce the sale of the Minnesota Vikings.  the LA news conference will be followed by one the next day at LA City Hall to show off the construction permit for a new stadium.

Predicts! ::= There will be no price reductions in Vikings garb; however, the advertising for tickets will look like a store closing at the K-Mart.  "Last Chance!  Time Is Running Out!"

Predicts! ::=  signage at the HumpDump will start coming down at the start of the last home game so nobody steals any on the way out.  understand, there won't be any auctioned, or anything.  it just comes down.  remember Normie Green promising the No-Stars scoreboards to U of M?  it all goes in the moving van no matter what anybody else thinks, promise you that.

Predicts! ::= signage at Winter Park will start coming down before the snow flies.  cheaper that way.

Predicts! ::= you think GOP vs DFL is a catfight?  try "fans vs pols."  there will be a large strong movement towards "no incumbents, anywhere, dammit!"  and they'll get close to a sweep.

Predicts! ::=  oh, the season.  who cares, they're short timers.  12-6 and just miss a wild-card slot.

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