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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

stealing from myself again

put this on Lilek's BLEAT blog, and the more I thought about it, the more I thought I'd like to put an archive copy here as well.  it won't be read, but it's here.  always lots of fun stuff there, well read, at

longshot whine alert:  the only logical place for the Vile Queens is in Arden Hills.  on the brownfield of an old ammunition plant.  for the sports metaphors, if nothing else.  Annndddd... a RIFLE SHOT to Punkwell in the backfield, going, GOING, G O I N G, anddd TOUCHDOWN left of the goalpost!  Another Federal Cartridge TOUCHDOWN, and Billy Joe Fauntelroy will get a game ball in Squirrel Splat, Minnesota, compliments of Federal Hi-Powers!  You got your ducks with Hi-Power!

a note of changes in the marketplace... and I'm not talking about the Best Buy president taking a walk.  starting three years ago, the formerly revered firm Johnson and johnson started recalling funky-tasting OTC meds.  gradually sizes and brands including Tylenol, Rolaids, and even stents which are not consumer products left the market.

those of us in the antacid using category have seen the shelves empty of dayamn near everything.  switched from Rolaids to Maalox.  well, that's not availiable.  the old standby Mylanta tablets are gone.  only things left on the shelf are Tums and various store clones of the stuff that's gone (Walgreen's Berry flavor antacids are actually barf flavor.)

had to go to Amazon today to get Maalox, so I ordered 8 of 'em.

bought The Smile Sessions in vinyl while there.

maybe it IS related to the demise of the Best Buy president, although we were in there last night to recycle two old TVs and buy speaker mounts.  but all they had were plastic jobs for 8 pounds or less.  had to Marketplace (tm) order some steel ones.


in the store.

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