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Friday, November 9, 2012

Bayou Boys: going down the Nacchio road?

I am informed the CEO told an investor call, on a question by an investment analyst, that the company felt good that they were going to roll wages down to the level of the competition.  Namely, crappy cable companies that don't provide any service.

Well, in my personal humble opinion, that was deliberately providing misleading and materially misleading information to investors.  That is a Federal crime.  CWA members are not accepting wage and benefit rollbacks from a quarter to almost half of current, in some cases.  Unless the minions at the talks are lying upstream, the CEO knows this.  if CTL doesn't come clean, CWA will have to.  It would help if the company would start negotiating as well.

I am not permitted to speak for either the union or the company, to everybody's benefit I might add, but talking to my AVP today, a good number of the 13,000 members probably share my insight in this.

We all know what happened when Evil Joey Nachos pumped Qwest stock talking about a "secret military sale" that existed only in his head.  He's still in Federal prison.

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