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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

old and new cats

we had to put Pumpkins down the Friday before thanksgiving... DKA, diabetic ketoacidosis, had him on a crash to dust, and it was the only merciful thing left for us.  what a cuddlebug he was! -- but also a trial, as he almost never dumped in the litter, only urinated.

one very hard week befell, and last Saturday, Shawn texted some pictures of rescue cats that had just come in to a pet shop.  we stopped by to see them Sunday after church, as well as critters in two others, on the way home.  he called twice Sunday as I was wrestling with the impossible in fitting a handrail to DeBasement steps that would level out and curve around the wall at the landing.  wrestling.  impossible.  to hell with it, and brought in a straight handrail that will run along the steps only.

as we were stripping off and breaking screws threading the holes for the critical two of 5 holders on the floor, shawn called back... and finally said, "If $260 is too much for you (Cheryl is a tightwad, she admits it) then I'll buy one for you."

it was 5:09, and the web said that the store closed at 6, so hustle-boom, off we went with the carrier in tow.

turns out they cut off adoptions at 4 pm, but we talked our way into it because if we picked up the kitties on a weekday, there would be no time for socialization basically until the weekend.  our schedules suck.

so home came little George and Martha.  I'd show them, except when they finally worked up the courage to leave the carrier and its thick warm fleece, they high-tailed it to a corner under the buffet.  dark.  hidden.  sigh.

George finally worked up enough spunk to jump into the buffet where a bottom drawer used to exist, found he could climb up and get into the top drawer.  Martha stayed behind.  I had orange George pegged to be the chief troublemaker of the littermates.

turns out when there is exploring to do, grey Martha does it.  almost all our once-a-day kitty sightings are Martha, tailed cautiously by George, who bolts for a hidey-hole as soon as he sees eyes of anybody else.  Martha will linger briefly before disappearing in a streak.

so getting them to the vet on Saturday is going to be interesting.  I set the appointment late morning, figuring it would be quite the search for today's hidey hole.

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