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Monday, December 31, 2012

slap-happy new year!

Swimmingly fun holiday... we went to the wife's family gathering the weekend before Christmas.  you know, the one where everybody falls over sick the day after?

bingo.  we are both down with acute bronchitis, and finishing up Z-Paks.  there were also flu and colds out of that one, amazingly for everybody being on their own two feet all day and having fun talks and nibbling constantly.

I have gone back to work, for to get your super-fat holiday pay for working holidays, you also have to be in the day before and the day after.  it would appear at this point that 4 days doing nothing except sleeping and watching the cats dive into the Christmas tree and pop out like little cartoons, and eating Azithromycin and cough pills, has done wonders.

happy new year, watch out for that fiscal cliff!

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