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Thursday, March 21, 2013

my "rap name" is N. O. Soul

Hola, amigos, been a while since I rapped at ya, but they stopped paper copies of The Onion in the Twin Cities.

no, seriously, there isn't all that much happening since we basically completed DeBasement.  two window blinds to install.  and that's it.  been downstairs watching TV, and when it's more interesting, watching the Cat Show on the floors, walls, furniture, plants, and other items all around us.

but then, this is The World's Least-Read Blog (tm), so who cares?

too cold and snowy to garden.  too snowy and icy to go out to the shed and dig down to find the ham gear.  had a week of jury duty blocked out.  yawn.  Cheryl is spending some weeks on the road doing union organizing, so it's been batch time at the old homestead.

have to prune a tree and blow out the driveway when it warms up tomorrow.  when it really springs Spring around us, I have another antenna to sling, and some car repairs, and this and that and the third thing.  and I really ought to install a cap on the sump well and plumb in an active radon reduction system.

but for now... our long-awaited time for relaxation is here.

oh, our cats.  we had to rename them Bonnie and Clyde for the terrorizing they cause in the household ;)  still haven't been able to corral them for the vet trip.  Clyde is the cuddle cat in the morning, and Bonnie in the evening.  in between, they are pretty much inseparable, like left side and right side.

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