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Monday, April 22, 2013

The Winter with Frickin' Lasers on its Head

this sucks.  April 22nd.  we had a forecast of maybe light rain for a week.  Saturday, they changed it to rain/snow mix, up to a half inch Sunday night.  Sunday, same.  Sunday night at bedtime, they changed it to a Winter Storm Warning for 4-6 inches of snow Monday through Tuesday morning.  this morning while I slept, they changed it to a 6-9 frickin' inches of goddam snow.

every time the grass peeks through, we get whaled again.

this is getting way old.

meanwhile, in Fargo, they are sandbagging for yet another record flood and making another half-million sandbags yet, for a total in the 2 million neighborhood.  we expect a "light switch" Spring... from 9 inches of snow Monday to 70s on the weekend, and 50s and 60s in the long-range forecast.  I think this forecast model is the Burns/Krusty Max Profit Model, where anything goes in Springfield as long as you can shake an extra buck out of somebody's pocket.

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