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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Well, that was dumb of me.

It would appear the handling of long, heavy pieces of oak lumber was not quite what the cautery on my thing excision was meant to stop the bleeding for.  so last night, I found oozing on the tablecloth at supper, and promptly wrapped up the hole in my arm up with a gauze pad and some no-tape tape.

Forgetting to put a gob of Neosporin on the gauze so it didn't glue to the wound.

which has been a source of intermittent skin-pulling discomfort overnight and today.  managed to peel and separate all but one layer of gauze.  greased that up, put on a band-aid, and letting it work.

that does slow down finishing work on DeBasement a bit.  again.  and exercise.  again.

no wonder that's been a 14 going on 15 month project.  but try gutting your basement to the block and redoing it in the 6 months we initially predicted.

if we HAD won a redo on TV, it wouldn't be 6 months with a contractor and thousands in blingo prizes, not with the external and internal issues we found.

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