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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

stealing from myself, v.347.01B

sometimes I surprise myself with a burst of inanity that I want to keep control of.

when that happens elsewhere, I crib it to here.  dibs!  I wrote it, you read it, I ain't taking it back!  a quick one-liner tossed off on the DIY Network forums when somebody was whining about product placement got my mind running right before bedtime.  and then speculations on broadcaster music collections came along.

in discussion of broadcast music libraries on the Lileks Bleat , I did it again.  excerpted...

... the meter starts running on music licensure on the 8th note and subsequent, although some cases iirc have been won on the rhythmn being lifted whole from previous work.  so all the independent houses doing musical themes and tags for production houses hook you with the music you know for a particular moment... slightly off key or rhythm... for 6 or 7 notes.  then they drift away into "musical stylings," as they were blithly called in the glory days of radio because the band couldn't get it right, and slip the key a little bit.  now it's an original work.
so if I were going to produce "Redneck Renovations," which for some damn silly reason popped into my head almost whole last night while I was trying to sleep, I could not-crib something by whipping out the iPhone, using animoog for the theme with a little triangle and some distorted return on the five keys of 14 they give you per octave, push it to the eMac and make sure it was really not recognizeable, and then all I gotta do is get some folks in hickwear in front of a dilapidated house, and pass the Mason jar while trying to fix things and tear them down instead.  hide the dead dogs under the front porch by rearranging the beer cans. lean against the roof support and fall through it into the hog trough, with the porch roof coming off. pull down the rest by stringing a line through the doors of the pickup, and pulling the windshield out.  24 minutes of that and some knock-off commercials, and it's a perfect shock video to send to one of the networks.
concept (c) 2012 swschrad.

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