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Monday, June 4, 2012

"It's probably Basal with a bruise, but..."

So two weeks ago I had a long, long time mole suddenly look like the poster child from (or the dermatology offices' own web site) for a stage 1 melanoma.  called my regular doctor, who quickly got me into the dermatologist.

curiously, in the ensuing two weeks, the Thing devolved into a little semicircle even smaller than the original mole, with some sort of a puncture-appearing thing on it.

so today, the dermatologist pulled out his magic scope, squinted, said if it was anything, it was a basal-cell with a bruise over it.  ah, but I do see some blood vessels..... guess we'll biopsy it.


everybody in the office who's had a nasty sawed off their body said it looked just like a melanoma to them.  so, guess we'll see in a week or so.  curious cloaking trick the thing pulled.

guess I'm officially an Old Fart.  so many of us kids have been cut on in the past decade, and that's before the ozone layer thinned out.

I can heartily recommend something I found in Hawaii and you can find searching on Da Webbiepoo... Ocean Potion SPF 30 sport formula.  it's the real deal, but it's not waxy goo and smells like the islands, not like duPont. blue bottle, orange cap.

everything in the stores here is variations on the same old Coppertone, and I don't like it.  all Coppertone brands, too.

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