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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Howling Snowpocylpse: 5th largest storm on record

per modern records (1860-on) at the weather service.

17.10 storm total inches in minneapolis, about the same in st. paul, and we are around 17 inches here in the near North Burbs.  22 inches in Oakdale.  going to go higher in west central Wisconsin.

one drift on the south side of the roof probably passed 4 feet deep and could be 4-1/2 feet.  3 foot drifts all along the south side of the house roof, a little less over the garage.

so I had to bust out the Avalanche roof clearer, and in three shifts got the drifts broken, and the roof clear up to halfway up.  the rest, something apparently like our 17 inch storm total, hell, it'll clear.  first wind that comes along will make me feel lots better.

Shawn pushing the blower and me kicking down the drifts, we got the drive clear.  if you want to come to the front door, better wear snowshoes and bring your own St. Bernard for rescue, the drifts after we dumped snow in that direction are up to the 4 foot snow fence for a ways, and we'll let God take it away in his own time.

the plow knocked down my front yard snow fence full of Christmas lights and stuff, so I had to stomp out there and dig it out and shore it up.

and the Vile Queens... man, are they snakebit.  the Giants were to play here Sunday noon... except the airport closed down and they had to bunk in Kansas City overnight.  at 5 am, three rips in the Metrodome room, and it collapsed, with a couple dump trucks worth falling on the field.  they might get the HumpDump fixed for the 21st game, and they might not.  undt ZO, Zigmunt, ve hear you do not want ze roof in new stadium, yawohl?

there's a reason I love Minnesota.

this ain't it.

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