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Saturday, December 4, 2010

we're back to one remote again

I originally had a Harmony SST-748 one-button remote, until it went nutso a year and a half ago.  dated back to 2003, and I bought it from the (then) manufacturer in Canada.

since then, we've been control-challenged in the swschrad house.  if you were taken over by Pumpkins Cat, and thus had a purring case of "cat paralysis," you could not change volume.

ve Germans, ve must haf ourrr Controllll, und ve must haf Orrrderrrr.

so I got the wife and I house present for Christmas, the Harmony 700 remote, yesterday during the Snowpocylpse (6 inches total with two meterologist freakouts.)  got it charged last night, programmed tonight, works nicely.

if you've never heard of the beast... shame.  this is the fabled One Remote to bring them all, and in the Household bind them.  at this midline price level, controls 6 IR devices totally, by model and brand, and operates them in correct sequence to make your media magic happen.  no touch screen, that and RF control are for higher priced models, as is control up to 15 toys with one button for your defined mode.  and yes, Elfin lords do your bidding at a wave of the device.  you pick your appropriate toys from over a half million models, tell the remote's software what is plugged into where, and it's automatically programmed from the computer into the remote.

nothing else compares.  I expect the RF control on higher end models will work the smart-home type controllers, but that little detail is not on the Logitech website.  shame.

other than that, moved 6 inches of snow, and found an affordable used ATC control module for The Great White Whale online, buying it.  supposedly this is the most common failure in any heat/cooling type issues in the car, which is one reason they are easily ordered online from Ford Parts for just under $800.  there are about $45 in parts in the thing, not counting the electric/solenoid 4 feature vacuum control monster.  I do hope this fixes the heat, I have only 203,000 miles on that car.

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