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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

the Vile Queens Curse: last weekend of 2010

doesn't it seem like a freezing apocylypse happens everywhere the Vile Queens go?  they're presently at halftime in the Eagles stadium, two days after the east coast got shut down by a northeaster.  coming back home tonight or tomorrow.

well, VQs fans in Fargo will have bookend blizzards Thursday and Friday.  same in Barnesville, except their MNDOT road maintenance building burned out this afternoon, they lost two graders and three plow trucks.  the twin cities will be getting freezing rain, sleet, and ice Thursday night, changing to 2-4 inches of snow on the ground for the Friday commute.

just about the time the VQs head off to Detroilet for the last game of the year.  unless half the team is in the ditch, and the airport runs out of deicer fluid for the planes.

and then facing a 7 billion (or as we typed in the news business, 7 (B) billion) dollar state defecit, they send their VP of begging up the hill crying for a new stadium, with one year left on all their contracts and obligations to the state.

you know, I'm thinking the Howling Wilves didn't escape disaster when they shifted from town center developments in Jersey to football players in Frostbite Falls.

headed back to the trainwreck on tv... .

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