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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Scarrrryyyyy Krishhhhhnassssss!

well, not really.  but hope you had a fine Chrismas.  I'm not into the "letters" thing, because it's too much work inventing all that unlikely crap and embellishing it with kingdoms for the ladies and Pope hats for the guys.

history would have perhaps been milder if we had 35 or so sitting Popes at once, right?

light one here.  we buried Mom in April, and snow buried us in December... those are the high points.  Son #3 bought tickets to a stunning Vegas show two months ago, and he flew down for the holidays to pick up an old buddy at tech school and cruise up the west coast.  which has slid out to the barrier islands under heavy rains, and many roads are still "closed, no updates" in Caliphony, and may be that way for months.  oh, we weren't told what stunning Vegas show that will be.  should be a clue.

got a root canal for Christmas, and just found out Mom's sister had a heart attack on Christmas day.  much better all around, thanks.

the Vile Queens have their third snowout in a row; the Philly game in Philadelphia is blizzarded out and set back to Tuesday night.  that's how bad it is.  guarantees they won't be moved to LA, who'd want all that freakin' snow on the beaches?

happy new year, and enjoy yourselves!

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